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Sweden's long, wintry, but high-quality and virtually entirely median-separated E4 highway, offers a sobering comparison. Infrastructure is a key responsibility of government. A collective gathering of money followed by concerted, targeted, clever spending on the infrastructure is needed to improve a nation. Having spent a fortune already on other responsibilities of government - raising, educating, training and supporting New Zealanders - it seems the most gross of neglects to then let them perish each winter on state highways fit for little more than B-road status in most developed countries. But there's little call from this region for change. No demanding of something better. Drivers know they must drive to the conditions, especially those in the deep South who practise personal responsibility as a necessity. Perhaps people fear the population is too low to warrant further investment. Not enough demand.

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Kilauea has shown no signs of quieting since it first began erupting on May 3. Lava spewing from “Fissure 8” has wiped out scores of homes in Kapoho by the Pacific. Scenic Kapoho Bay, a stop along Turpin’s tours, is now filled with lava. And, after a short respite, “lava tourism” is booming on the Big Island, with helicopter and boat tour operators trying to please tourists and show respect for thousands of locals who have lost homes or been evacuated. FILE PHOTO: Lava erupts in Leilani Estates during ongoing eruptions of the Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii, U.S., June 5, 2018. REUTERS/Terray Sylvester/File Photo Lava tourism has long existed on Hawaii’s Big Island. Visitor numbers spike each time Kilauea, which has erupted almost continuously since 1983, sends a tongue of lava toward the ocean. The current eruption is one of the longest and most intense on record. Visitor arrivals to the Big Island fell by 1.6 percent in May year-on-year after the eruption, after several cruise ships canceled port calls at Hilo and Kona, the island’s two main cities, the Hawaii Tourism Authority said. Yet tourist spending actually increased by 3.3 percent to $173.9 million in May.

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He then called 911. There was no visible serial number on the firearm. It appeared as if the bottom part of the frame had been cut off where the serial number would be located. Inside the cylinder there was one empty 38 Special casing. Also on the same table there was white powder residue and a piece of colored steel wool. There was also a small notebook which had names and dollar amounts in it. The notebook appeared to be a ledger consistent with keeping drug sales. Officers also observed a pill bottle on a different stand that was a prescription to Hill for Hydrocodone 10-325. It was for 180 pills prescribed on May 18. There were only about 50 pills inside the bottle.

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